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    Line is “On”??

    Well… let’s start then: I’m Christophe, the one who had this b… idea! Together with Tom (who supported and pushed me all this time), we built it up and we are now opening it to you, hoping this will fulfill some of your childhood dreams…

    We haven’t had the opportunity to introduce our project nor our products abroad yet (hope we’ll be able to do so soon!) but if you are now on this website, it’s probably because you’ve heard of us somewhere…

    We’ve been working quite a long time to knead and bake all ingredients, but finally, our bread is out of the oven!

    It all started years ago when a friend of mine gave me a plastic model (a ship). This gift brung me years back when, as a kid, I used to be a modeller myself (not a good one though…): I thought of my frustration every time the model was finished… As many models, it would just lay on a shelf, get dusty and finally forgotten.

    While working in electronics, thus fully aware of new developments, I thought of the possibility of making one of my dream come true: giving life to all these wonders.

    So, we’ve developped a dedicated WiFi module to run (via your SmartPhone or Tablet) all the functionnalities you can dream of: lighting, sound, movement, video…

    Of course, implementation of the kit requests a little additional work (mainly drilling and cutting) but at last you’ll be able to drive your truck or tank, you can sail you ship or give life to any model or diorama.

    We’ll try to get this site in English asap. Meanwhile, you can write us here or email us to

    Talk to you soon




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