In this section, you will find everything you need for a good use of your MTM kit:

Apps, Module Updates and Sounds to load in ready-to-play format!

Access to these pages is reserved to customers who have purchased a kit or a Module

According to the kit you have chosen (Static, Static+ or Dynamic), you will find here the corresponding app. To download and install on your smartphone/tablet.

  • MTM Dynamic: for « Dynamic » kit (Android 4.4 and later)
  • MTM Static: for « Static » AND « Static+ » kit (Android 4.4 and later)

The Firmware is the program embedded on the Module when you receive the kit. A Firmware evolves during the life of the product (bug fixes, functionality improvements…). You will find here the latest version of the firmware. Download the Firmware and keep the Module always up to date through the app  (see app manual for further instructions).

Generic and royalty-free audio files library at your disposal. All files are already in the right format for MTM and do not require any manipulation.