Static? Well, not that much!


  • 3 Motors (possibility of doubling the number of Motors on each channel) + 3 Servos
  • 4 LED channels controlled independently, steady or blinking lighting
  • 10MB capacity for sound files (2MB per file in wav format), possibility of playing the sounds in a loop
  • Up to 5 sequences of light and sound behaviours, which can be run one after another as 1 program or independently of each other
  • Possibility of scheduling the execution of program

App to be used: MTM Static

Power supply: smartphone/tablet charger with micro-USB cable (not included) + electrical outlet or external battery with micro-USB cable (ordinary rechargeable “power bank” for smartphones/tablets) (not included)

See the diagram of MTM Static+ daughterboard

…and here below some works using our “Static+” kit:

Big Wings

Do you see the cables?

I know this engine sound...

Product Lineup

STATIC+ KIT | Standard

Typical configuration for a display aircraft or ship model with one propeller (1x red, 1x green and 3x white lights)

This kit includes the Elements below (pictures shown are for illustration purpose only):
1x Module*
Moteur S
1x S Motor
Faisceau LED
1x 5LED string**
Fibres optiques
1x Optical fiber pack
1x Speaker
* Module includes Switch and Micro-USB.
** Red/Green/White – White/White
Available options (max number):
Additional Motor (2), Additional LED string (1), Servo (3)

You broke or lost one of the plastic parts of your kit during the assembly? You have encountered other problems ? Write us, we will try to find a solution together!