Static+ Standard Kit


All-in-One Kit for animation with sounds, lights and movements

Wire length for Switch, Micro-USB, Small Motor and LED Strip to choose

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In the Box:
  • 1x Module (1x Motherboard + Static+ Daughterboard, 1x Switch*, 1x Micro-USB*)
  • 1x Small Motor*
  • 1x 5LED Strip* (Red/Green/White – White/White)
  • 1x Optical Fiber
  • 1x Speaker
* Wire length 100mm or 200mm (same for all) at your choice


Be careful, too long wires can be very troublesome for the installation of the Kit in the model. We advise you to foresee the layout of Elements in your model to have a better idea of the wire length needed.


Available Options (max number):
Additional Motor (2) Additional Servo (3), Additional LED Strip (1)

Additional information

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