Angle Gear Box


Compatible with Static+ / Dynamic Modules

Motor speed (adjustable with App): 0 to 150rpm

Max length of the shaft: 150mm

Wire length (excluding connector): 100, 150, 200mm at your choice

Approximate weight of the assembled unit: 13g


This item includes:

  • 1x Motor
  • 1x Motor Case: Bottom Half (female) with 2 pits for Stoppers / Top Half (male)
  • 1x Half-Shaft (female): a half thickness end, empty
  • 1x Half-Shaft (male): a half thickness end, steel rod sticking out, Bevel Gear platform
  • 1x Bearing with stopper for female Half-Shaft
  • 1x Bearing with stopper for male Half-Shaft
  • 2x Bevel Gear
  • 1x or 2x Reinforement Tube (according to the type of vehicle chosen)

See details of AGB assembly for Wheeled Vehicle

See details of AGB assembly for Tracked Vehicle

If you need a wire length greater than 200mm, please contact us:

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    Weight 0,015 kg