Dynamic “Citroën C4 Rosalie – Amigagoma” Kit


Dynamic “Wheeled Vehicle” Kit to equip the 1:32 scale Citroën C4 van “Rosalie” designed by Amigagoma, without Camera.

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For all the 3D printing lovers! Here is a Dynamic Kit ready to fit the 1:32 scale Citroën C4 van “Rosalie”, designed by Amigagoma.


The composition of the Kit is identical to our standard Dynamic “Wheeled Vehicle” Kit; the lengths of the various cables are adapted to this specific model.

This Kit will allow you to drive your Rosalie and turn on its front (white) and rear (red) lights. And of course, you can assign the sounds you want to each behavior of the vehicle.



(Please note that this Kit does not include the Camera. If you prefer the version with Camera to see the video feedback on your App screen, go to this page. )


The body of this model “Rosalie” is to be made by yourself with a 3D printer. The files and the (very detailed) assembly instructions created by Amigagoma can be downloaded (2,50€) on the Cults website : https://cults3d.com/fr/modèle-3d/jeu/citroen-c4-fougon-telecommande-wifi

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