External dimensions of Case : (L)38mm x (W)27mm x (H)10mm

Switch housing dimensions: (L)14mm x (W)12mm x (H)7mm

Micro-USB housing dimensions: (L)18mm x (W)11mm x (H)7mm

Wire length (excluding connectors): 100, 150, 200mm at your choice

Switch lever protrusion: 4mm

Approximate weight of the assembled unit: 15g

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It is the heart (or rather the brain!) of the MTM kit.

This item includes:

  • 1x Motherboard (Wi-Fi and memory)
  • 1x Daughterboard (Static, Static+ or Dynamic according to your choice, connection to each Element)
  • 1x Case: Upper Frame with Daugtherboard Retainer and Bottom Case with Square and pre-cut Spacer
  • 1x Switch* (Module On/Off)
  • 1x Micro-USB* (female socket, for charge or power supply)

* Wire length 100mm, 150mm or 200mm (same for both) at your choice

See details of the assembly

See daughterboard layouts: Static / Static+ / Dynamic

You can use a smartphone/tablet charger equipped with a micro-USB (not included) for power supply (or charging for “Dynamic”).

Additional information

Weight 0,018 kg

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